Whew! One of those days!

Today was a busy day if trial and error for sure. I have been trying too hard to be too perfect with a new small musette style bag. Playing with waxed canvas, leather and rivets.

In the end the one I am happiest with was the simplest and fastest one to make. The leather one on the left in the photo.


Now I need to rub in some pain reliever in my hands! :)

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Spring cleaning!


Time to check you machines and do a good check over and cleaning!

It’s amazing how much debris gets all lodged in your machines!
Just refilled my oil tray. Got to keep it from getting low. Pulled out tons of thread too!

Keep your machines running smoothly by always keeping up on its maintainence! :)

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Posin for the paparazzi!

Well my bags are a posin!!! ;)

Been taking loads of photos of all my Santa Cruz Bagworks bags for a website that will be selling them! Yeay!!! I can’t say who just yet until they are up and running on their site. I am very excited about this opportunity!! :)

Here are some of the photos:

cover image without logo SCBW dk tote2 SCBW cruzers both colors front and back views SCBW duffle front view1

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Time for a change

So finally after a few months I am going to be changing my business name to my real name. Will be Janice Serilla Design with Mackerilla, Gimpy Pets and Santa Cruz Bagworks as my brands. Needing to neatin up my site and make it real purdy! ;)

I will be utilizing this blog page of course. I have to check into actually switching my domain name to me.

Keep watchin for a nicer blog site from me. Will have all my products listed and to be better organized!!! YEaYY!!!!!!!!!!

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Helpin the small furry ones!


So I have been making and selling these Pet recovery collars for awhile now and happy that post surgery/injured pets can be stylish in one of my collars than those boring plastic or balloon style collars. I make them with a bit for real estate on the back area to be able to fold down when your pet is eating.



These are mainly for cats. But some small dogs have benefited from them.

Creating more today and tomorrow out of vintage and new fabrics from my stash pile!

A few are available on my ETSY page here now and will be adding in more………………

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Thump, thump…….thump, thump……..thump, thump……………….

Valentine is nearing us! Why not get your sweetie a cute little mini valentines pillow with a love note inside! A cute little gift that you can add to your Valentines gift of chocolates, lingerie, wine, roses, etc………………………..

You can add some jewelry inside the pocket with the love note for a very special surprise!!!! OOOHHHHHH……….yea!!! Good idea right!!!!

I have a bunch on my ETSY page for sale. Get one for $8 or two for $12.

You can spritz this with your favorite cologne or perfume so your loved one can keep your smell near and dear while your away……………………………. :)



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T shirts for sale!

Just posted up a few of my latest T Shirt designs up on my ETSY page!

You can contact me for other colors, sizes and styles available!!!! :)


Here’s a few Examples:

Cute birdie on a kids Pink T shirt

Cute birdie on a kids Pink T shirt

Women's Dolman Sleeve T shirt in Athletic Grey

Women’s Dolman Sleeve T shirt in Athletic Grey

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So I just posted up some of my bags on my ETSY page for sale!


Santa Cruz Bagworks Large tote in Waxed Canvas and Leather.

Santa Cruz Bagworks Large tote in Waxed Canvas and Leather.

The newest designed Santa Cruz Bagworks totes!! These are super nice bags and need to be on your shoulder and carried about your town!! Get lots of ooohs and ahhhhhhs from passersby and know how cool you really are!! Will be making more and new designs to come!


in the meantime come shop on my ETSY page for one of these or some t shirts, sewing pattens and more!!!

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Woot woot!!! To 2014!!!!!


I can’t believe that it’s 2014 already! Even though the time flew last year, I am excited about what’s to come of 2014 for me. I am changing my business name to Janice Serilla Design. My brands will be of course Mackerilla for my Mackerilla brand sewing patterns and bags. Santa Cruz Bagworks for my new high end bag designs. Still in the works but I do have my SCBW large tote available.

Santa Cruz Bagworks Large tote in Waxed Canvas and Leather.

Santa Cruz Bagworks Large tote in Waxed Canvas and Leather.

Contact me if your interested in one of these babies! They retail for $180 and is a great everyday carryall.  I love this design! Working on new designs after I update all my Mackerilla Sewing Patterns.

Next is Gimpy Pets of course with all my pet related products. I will be hopefully a vendor in the upcoming Spring Dog event. I donate a percentage of my sales to senior and disabled pets in need.

Then last is Hannula & Dest. My collaberation with Debbie Graves Design. We have our cool apron designs and upcycled homeware items.

apron picLastly, my T-shirt and fabric designs. Which I work on in between all the other stuff!!! I am also excited to play around with some clothing design ideas. I found some really nice high end fabrics and on my rainy dayzzz will create something wearable! Oh yea!!! And find the time to do a artwork! Been itching to paint!!! ;)

Now to plan my time wisely and get to it!

Happy New Year to Everyone!!!! :)

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Last minute sewing?

One week til Christmas and you can’t think of a gift for that special family member, co-worker or friend?

Well if your crafty and have the weekend free, it’s time to make some bags for gifts!

Check out all of my designs I have to offer here on my Craftsy page! A PDF file will be emailed out to us ASAP!!!!

My wine totes are an easy pattern to make for gifting out some vino and putting it in a cool fabric wrapper! Or if your into a gift bag to fill up with cookies, jams, lotions and potions, well then my Mini Tote or the bigger Indie Shopper are the ones to make!

So order a sewing pattern, get some cool fabric and your off!!!


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